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About ColoredView

ColoredView is a company that is made it possible to color glass after production. We can add any color to the process, we make different tints and darkness’s.

The unique coating is manufactured in the Netherlands and can be applied only by a licenced specialist.

The Coating we use is not a Foil.

Specific characteristics

  • UV Protection
  • Insulation for heat and cold
  • Energy saving
  • High attention value
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Privacy
  • Theft prevention
  • Improving working conditions

These are just a few important factors why you could choose our product.

… not just a nice view!


For every wish we have a solution, prices depends off the amount of windows, tints and type of car. We can make you an offer. Our unique class coating technique is not a foil. It’s look like it is original glass coming directly out of the factory. You can’t see the difference!

If you want to color the glass of your car you can bring it to our company or one off the licenced company that can coat your car.


There are many reasons why you want to coat your windows. It can be for shop windows to give your store a unique appearance. Also heat, cold and UV reduction are a good reason to coat your glass.

It makes your property more comfortable to stay in. Your workers in the factory are much more productive.
We can coat in clear , but adding a color tint to it gives it more attention value or comfort. If you allergic for UV radiation we can make your live more comfortable.

… not just a nice view!

… not just a nice view!

Special Projects

For special projects we have a special solution. If you glass is not flat we can coat it, if it’s plastic, we can coat it.

So there is almost no project we can’t coat. Specials like motorhomes, Ships or glass from a motorcycle everything is possible.

… not just a nice view!

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